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Today’s workplace has changed, employees want more
support for their mental wellness and total well-being. wellmarkt has the tools and network to help companies keep up.

About Us

wellmarkt makes well-being equitable, user-friendly, and affordable for companies that want to keep their employees.

We are a boutique agency for mental wellness at work with an inclusive
community of highly skilled credentialed coaches, licensed therapists, and the best in holistic health and wellness. We offer matching to coaches and providers, a learning library stocked with
videos/podcasts/articles; simple scheduling; social tools; and self-evaluation and tracking tools to celebrate wins and measure progress.


Customized Search at Lightning Fast Speeds

wellmarkt offers instantaneous search results, customized to your goals.


Learning Library

Browse the blog to learn more about our coaches and providers and discover new practices to try.


Be Your Best, Personally and Professionally

Find the best in coaching, mental health, mindfulness, and more, in one place.


Connect Sooner

Connect with your perfect match coaches, therapists, and holistic health providers today!

  • A Network that Aligns with your DEI Strategy
  • Option to Pre-load Employee Wellness Allowance Credits for Users
  • Pulse Surveys and Online Assessments
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Evaluation and ROI Reporting that Links to Corporate KPIs
  • Dedicated Engagement Manager and Onboarding Tools
  • Builds Awareness and Engages Employees
  • Features the Best Network of Diverse Coaches and Mental Health Providers
  • A mobile-first app customized to your employees’ needs
  • Programming: Well-being, DEI, Talent, Leadership, and Development

Boost employee well-being by connecting your people to their personalized support team and on-demand resources for self-care

What you'll get:


For Individuals

Through wellmarkt, you can search for and connect with your perfect fit coach, therapist, or holistic health and wellness professional. Find more balance in your life, work towards your personal and professional goals, align with your purpose and live your best life.

SMB and Enterprise Solutions

Mental wellness and health equity at work are the new must-haves. wellmarkt helps all employees find providers and resources they identify with. We offer the largest and best network of inclusive coaches and providers coupled with well-being resources and programming for SMB companies all the way to enterprise scale. Our three-month customized pilot program allows companies to experience wellmarkt firsthand and improve employee well-being, engagement, and productivity. We provide a robust evaluation and reporting that links to Corporate KPIs.

Wellmarkt Makes HR The Hero.

Inclusive Well-being.


Actionable Insights For Corporate KPIs.


Serious Results.

Aligning Diversity, Wellness, and Coaching is brilliant! It addresses all the key themes in our CHRO's 2021 goals.

Senior HR Executive

Fortune 500 company


Our Pros

Our network features leaders and game changers in the fields of coaching, DEI consulting, group facilitation and workshops, team coaching, organizational consulting, mental health, professional counseling, holistic health, integrative medicine, somatic practices, and mindfulness.

From our Experts

Access articles and content from our providers to learn more about well-being, leadership, work-life balance, managing stress, resilience, healthy relationships, and many more topics!

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Tamara shares her approach to coaching leaders towards living a life of meaning…

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High impact advice for startup founders and nonprofit execs…

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A deep conversation about mental health during COVID, radical wellness, and being a woman of color entrepreneur…